Android Changes the Way We Play

By June 2013 the Google Play Store had hit one of the biggest mobile milestones to date. They’d had over a million apps published and over 50 million downloads. These figures were made even more impressive by the time period in which they’d been achieved in, and it only took this operating system a few short years to gain massive share of the mobile market on a global scale.

Part of android’s appeal is that it’s cross platform compatible and can be used to power a number of different smartphones and tablets. It’s not locked to a single brand or device, nor is it a closed loop system. Instead, it powers a myriad of different mobile devices that are suited to differing budgets and is open source, making it easier for developers to create apps that run without any issues. The system has been designed to integrate with touch screen devices and as of the beginning of 2015; android boasted the largest install base internationally.

Premium Mobile Game Play

Android offers the perfect platform for gaming and with the software being open source a vast number of new and experienced developers have been able to try their hand at creating games that run on this OS. This has greatly benefitted android users as they are able to access a wealth of entertainment at their fingertips and there are games that cover just about every genre and preference.

Android casino games have been incredibly popular with players as they allow for uninterrupted entertainment on the move and some of the web’s biggest brands now offer apps or instant play games that can be enjoyed on devices running this Google OS. These optimised games run smoothly on any android-powered device and have been adapted to ensure they fit screen size and respond to touch navigation with ease.

The best Android casino sites feature games that have been developed by the web’s leading online casino developers. Due to the immense popularity of this OS, the selection of table games such as online blackjack and instant win entertainment continues to grow and some of the best-loved slots have been optimised for play, alongside variants of roulette, blackjack, baccarat, craps and poker. Video poker, keno, bingo and so much more can also be enjoyed on your android and generally a choice of downloading and installing an app, or playing in your mobile’s browser will be offered. Free and real money casino games can be enjoyed and the same incredible winning opportunities you’ve accessed from your computer can be played for whilst on the go.

All the Best Android Games

With such easy access to online casino games on the go and a myriad of other entertainment options also available, it’s clear that android has changed the way we play. The abundance of choice makes it easy to try an app, delete it and move on to the next one if it doesn’t satisfy, and with so many options you’ll never run out of entertainment.

From casino games to word games, puzzle games or brain teasers, there’s something for everyone at the Google Play Store and you can change it up as often as you like, or simply stick to your favourites. Many of the games are also free to download or offer trial versions, giving you access to unlimited entertainment at the tap of a screen.