Banzai Slot in Review

Banzai Slot in Review for Online Casino Gamblers

Banzai slot by OpenBet has five reels and fifteen paylines and has been designed in a realistic cartoon style. It utilises the colour scheme as the show on which it is based. The show Banzai is a comedy television show produced in the UK that spoofs the various game shows on in Japan.

These Japanese game shows are known for being over the top and sometimes downright bizarre. The show tries to mimic this oddness and take it one step further.

The show is set up so that the people watching at home can bet on the outcome of each contest. The challenge is always very strange, such as elderly women playing chicken with electric wheelchairs, people eating eggs, and other bizarre contestants.

Music from the show is taken from the UK music charts from the nineteen seventies and nineteen eighties. The host of the show is Mr. Banzai but he doesn’t actually say anything in the show except for saying the singing the word Banzai over and over.

The background of the game is made up of bright orange red and blue colours. To the left and right of the slot, the player will see the various paylines displayed on blue arrows that are facing outward. Below the reels, the player is shown information about the slot and they are given options on changing several aspects of play. The bet per line is given and the player can increase or decrease this amount by using the blue and down arrows.

The player can also adjust the number of lines, going from one all the way up to fifteen. The player can also see their stake, the total amount paid, as well as select and view the paytable. Finally, the player can start the game by hitting the spin button or, if they’d prefer, use the autospin function in order to let the slot spin itself.

Banzai Slot Symbols

Banzai Slot Symbols

The symbols in this game are taken directly from the show. Each of the card symbols has a caption below it that match up with characters from the show. The king is Mr Cheeky Chapple. The queen is Lady One Question.

The jack is Mr Shake Hands Man 2. The ace is Mr Banzai. There is also a yellow lightning bolt, a symbol that says betting ends, a bonus symbol with all of the characters from the show, a banzai symbol that is written in red with a yellow lightning strike running through it, a yin and yang symbol, and a green money symbol.

Banzai Bonus Features

To activate one of four bonus features, the player must get three plus bonus symbols anywhere on the reels. The player is then asked to pick a symbol and one of the bonus games will start. The bonus game that is chosen is completely random as in some Neteller slots AU.

The first bonus is Mr Shake Hands Man 2, the second bonus is Celebrity Box of Death Dilemma, the third bonus is Animal Scientific Experiment and the final bonus is Lady One Question. Each of these bonus features allows the player to earn additional prizes.