Classic Variation Blackjack Double Exposure Low Limit

The classic casino card game Blackjack has been around for a goodly amount of time in the industry. This is because the game offers players a considerably fair opportunity against the house, giving them odds that they wouldn’t find in many other casino games around. Additional to this the game is easy to learn and play and also admittedly quite great fun.

The variation on the table today is Blackjack Double Exposure Low Limit and whilst played very similarly to the classic version of Blackjack this game has a few unique aspects, some differing odds and perhaps an even easier transition into the gaming action through its easily learned gameplay. Overall variations in these great classics can hold some interesting stuff, being that the fundamentals of the game are still nestled firmly within some solid roots.

Gameplay and Rules of this Blackjack

To start off with Blackjack Double Exposure Low Limit is played usually with 6 decks of 52 cards, where the cards are then dealt out of a shoe and don’t shuffle until all, or most, cards are dealt out. The points system works very similarly to the classic version of the game, with the objective to get closer to 21 than the dealer without going bust by going over. Each card has a point value, the numbered cards are valued to the same number of points as their own number, while the face cards, Jack, Queen and King, are all worth 10 points. The Ace in this game is worth either 11 points or just 1, depending on the user’s choice.

The game of Blackjack Double Exposure Low Limit starts with a bet, essentially this allows the players access to their hand for the round. The dealer then deals out 2 face up cards to all the respective players and also to himself. This is where the most noticeable difference between the classic version and this one becomes involved, with the dealer’s cards being dealt upright as opposed to the classic version where one is dealt face down, out of sight of the players.

With this extra card exposed the gameplay and odds definitely shift a bit, players now capable to see all the dealer’s cards and so can play with a lot more insight. This leaves the wins from certain hands subject to decrease though and in Blackjack Double Exposure Low Limit the pay outs of a real money blackjack Australia, the best hand in the game, a score totaling 21 comprised of only 2 cards, is only 1:1, as opposed to the higher return of 3:2 that the more classical versions might adopt.

Playing Blackjack Double Exposure Low Limit Responsibly

The game of Blackjack Double Exposure Low Limit plays pretty much the same as the classic version from here on out, with the low limit aspect referring to the amount available to bet on, in this case being capped from getting too high and essentially perfect for the lower rollers and new players learning the game. Playing games like these online and even at land based casinos may be plenty of fun, but still need to be played responsibly, enjoyed at the correct and secure sites or locales and essentially just played with a sense of understanding of what risks may be attached and where.