Female Murderess Theme in Black Widow Slot

Now don’t get scared off by the title of this Black Widow slot game despite that it may be themed toward the name given to females who kill men in particular. Fortunately it is done in a rather tasteful and fun oriented way. Whilst the fact that this game is not centred around the famous venomous spider of the same name does seem a little disappointing, this approach to what would otherwise be a rather simple theme portrayal is quite refreshing. The graphics in this game are of a good standard, with the game being developed by IGT, a big name in the industry and as such also available on a range of platforms.

Despite this unique theme though, it is the gameplay and bonuses that make this Black Widow slot. Here on the 5 reels and 40 pay lines of this slot, players will also find a selection of other betting options, allowing for a decent range of players to find a position to their liking on the reels of this game. As far as the bonuses are concerned there are some Wilds, as well as a couple of themed bonus features. Sounds pretty good right now.

The IGT Black Widow Slot Theme Design

The theme of this slot follows the adventures of a female that finds herself inclined toward the murder of hapless men, certainly an inspired theme for any game in this progressive society. However despite the supposed darkness that this entails, the overall presentation of the slot is done with a bit of light humour and some rather colourful graphics. The sound track accompanying this Black Widow slot are pretty germane to the setting, whilst simultaneously awarding the majority of the focus toward the reels and events occurring thereupon.

The symbols found on the reels of this Black Widow slot game surprisingly feature nothing related to spiders, even though the theme is of course referring to a different type of predator one did half expect some references otherwise. Still, some of the symbols found here include the likes of the slot’s logo, the murderess in question herself, some of her doomed victims and also the more commonplace playing card symbols richly associated with the video slot industry. All together this tends to paint quite a vivid image on the reels of this game.

The Elaborate Bonuses in Black Widow Slot

The Wild in this game is the Black Widow herself and can substitute for other game symbols to help in the forming of some more complex and rewarding combinations. The Wild is just the beginning in this game though. There is also a super stacks feature, which effectively offers a range of stacked symbols onto the reels at the beginning of each spin, allowing for even more wins alongside the Wild.

The web capture feature of the game allows players to essentially trap either the Black Widow or any of her victims on the centre reel and through this accrue considerable multipliers to the overall bet. Add to this the free spins feature which triggers when the feature symbol lands on the middle 3 reels, rewarding 7 free spins that can be retriggered up to an impressive 98 spins.