Review & Tips on Playing Latest OMG Kittens Slot

Williams Interactive Software has pulled out a winner for the market niche that wants its slots to be cute and fun, rather than action packed or featuring often racy artwork: Kittens features four cute furry critters and their accessories, set against a background of green grass and bird song, with gentle music accompanying the 5 spinning reels. The layout is easy to follow and clear, and even the Spin button features a tiny pawprint. It’s all endearing stuff.

Symbols and Kittens

The basic symbols are the things associated with the kittens, as in the ball of wool, the collar, and the bottle of spilled milk. Next in value is the symbol of Fishcat, who as his name suggests, is intent on hunting a goldfish in a bowl.

The eponymous kittens take up a full reel each whenever they appear, and pay out depending on how many of them do so: a full five of either Tiger, a ginger, Bubbles, a white kitten, or Mr Whiskers, who sports a white moustache, will cover the whole screen in their portrait, and pay out accordingly, while a mixture of kittens will also net some reward. If any of them appears on reel 5 as part of a winning combination, a random multiplier is awarded.

OMG Bonus!

Yep, that is what it says, and the Bonus only appears in the 5th reel, although it also fully covers the reel. With any of the three kittens on the other reels, this awards anything from a minimum of 5 free spins, while the appearance of the kittens during free spins has an added effect. Tiger functions as a multiplier, Bubbles awards further free spins, and Mr Whiskers adds a bonus payout to any winnings. Bonus winnings always receive a minimum multiplier of 10x the triggering bet, even if nothing is won during free spins.

Kittens plays 40 lines, up to a maximum bet of 2,50 per line, or 100 coins per spin, giving it the potential to have some nice payouts, although it is clearly aimed at the social and casual player as much as the high roller.

Upping the Cute Factor

It is impossible not to like kittens, and the same goes for OMG Kittens: while this may at first seem to cutesy to be real (or reel), the game is actually very well done, and features nice sound effects and smooth game play. The cats themselves are very sweet, and the artwork, music and features, such as the explanation of pay outs, autoplay settings, and zooming reels, make it very easy to play for protracted periods. Williams Software has done a very good job of catering to a market that might not always find itself attracted to many of the conventional Canada slots online out there, with the only caveat being that this game will also appeal to younger players, so be sure to check on gambling laws in your area. As a package, though, OMG Kittens will definitely win your heart.