What To Bet On Other Than Sports

Sportsbetting is by far and away at the forefront of the betting markets. That does not mean that sportsbetting is the only type of betting you could partake in. If you don’t enjoy sports, research for sports betting can be a challenge at best, that is where entertainment betting comes into play. Entertainment betting is a great category featuring nearly limitless different things to bet on, in the below we will go over some of the more popular entertainment betting categories to help find the right bet for you.

Entertainment Betting Categories

  • Reality TV – Love it or hate it, reality TV has become a large contender in the entertainment industry. It goes without saying that reality TV would be one of the more popular categories for entertainment betting. Ever watched a reality show and felt that the outcomes were too predictable? Now is your time to shine. Reality TV betting is available on almost all entertaining betting platforms. In reality TV betting with the typical week on week episodes, it can be treated somewhat as live betting. Betting will still be open for season outcomes, but as fields narrow, odds will get less favourable. Try get your bets in early for the big win. A few examples of the most popular reality TV shows to bet on; America’s Got Talent, The Bachelor, Big Brother, Britain’s Got Talent, Eurovision, Dancing With The Start, The X Factor, Survivor and many, many more.
  • Movies and scripted TV – While not entirely like reality TV, majority of scripted TV and movies are very secretive about the outcomes until the show is released. This can make for some great bets to be placed. In recent years movies like the Avengers series have been great betting success. Smaller series especially those released by Marvel in the last few years have also been big betting hits.
  • Awards and celebrities – This is a category which has had a lot of betting success in the last few years. Awards shows in themselves are a great platform for betting. Easily accessible information and a great history in what the judges base decisions on leaves award shows to be the most popular entertainment bet around.

Sometimes it can be difficult to get to know the judges and try to predict the outcome of an award ceremony, with enough time and good information, it can definitely be done. Some of the more popular award ceremonies are; Academy Awards, Grammy Awards, Golden Globe, American music awards and many other. There are no shortages of award shows to bet on provided you have done the research and have a solid plan for the outcome.

Final Thoughts

Entertainment betting is arguably even better thanhttps://sportbettingus.org/sports/ betting. If you are not a sports fan, entertainment betting is the place to be. Not unlike sports betting, entertainment betting is still betting and will need dedication to be a successful avenue for any bettor. Stick to your bankroll and find the best value in your bets. If done right entertainment betting can be a profitable venture.