Dolphin Treasure Slot Alternatives Can Be Enjoyed At All Casinos

Aristocrat may not have been the first games developer to produce a slots game with an underwater theme, with dolphins as the main characters, but they were one of the first to do it on an international scale. When it was first released, Dolphin Treasure was a trend setter, and has been a favourite of customers in most land based casinos for about twenty years. Now at last it is available to all lucky players as an online slot game.

Dolphin Treasure slot alternatives are not limited to slot games with an underwater theme, but game play and special features are a big part of what is recommended. Some of these alternative games are not only those that feature dolphins, but those that remind one of Dolphin Treasure in the other ways too.


The first of the Dolphin Treasure slot Alternatives is Subtopia. Subtopia by Net Entertainment is a slot game with the same atmosphere that characterises Dolphin Treasure. It is one of the most advanced game in this genre, and the graphics are considered captivating. There are actually no dolphins, but the deep blue of the ocean is the aspect of Aristocrat’s game that is a twin with this game. Subtopia has twenty pay lines and free spins, almost exactly like the Aristocrat game, and this is one of the Dolphin Treasure slot alternatives to start with.

Lucky Angler

Lucky Angler is also a Net Entertainment slot game, and this continues the theme of the sea and fish. Maybe the graphics are designed in a slightly more classic style than in Subtopia, so will be more familiar to players of the Aristocrat slot game. Even the playing card symbols make an appearance, and adjustable bet lines combined with plenty of profitable features make this slot game a favourite of everyone who tries it.


Hellboy is a slot game with a theme completely different to Dolphin Treasure, but the familiar twenty pay lines are there. One of the reasons this game is included among the Dolphin Treasure slot alternatives, is that the same totes betting strategies are used in Hellboy that are used in Dolphin Treasure, and proved so successful. The Free Spins bonus round is much the same, and this game has so much going for it that it will ensure that Hellboy becomes a game any fan of Dolphin Treasure will enjoy.


The last choice of Dolphin Treasure slot alternatives is Beach. Another Net Entertainment slot game is the choice for Dolphin Treasure slot alternatives. The action takes place on the shore rather than in the sea, but Beach has a lot in common with Dolphin Treasure. There are the recognisable playing card icons, and a similar free spin s feature. There are twenty pay lines again, betting strategies much the same, and even the style of the game familiar.

These titles can all be played for free at most online casinos, until you decide to wager real money in the game you decide is your particular favourite among the Dolphin Treasure slot alternatives.