Video Poker Game Double Bonus Poker Online Reviewed

The game of video poker is quite an innovative one, essentially combining two of the most played casino games in the history of the world. That is, the card game poker and slot games, creating the draw card video poker games that we have today. This means that whilst it may not be the traditional bluff poker, played with a stern grip on the cards and a dead pan poker face, but is still fundamentally poker just with a slot game approach to the game and reward system. What it does do is make games such as Double Bonus Poker a real treat for relatively inexperienced players, as they can ultimately jump right into the action and learn through doing for the most part.

This particular video poker game is called Double Bonus Poker and is quickly growing in the industry to the point where it is rivalling the well-known jacks or better format of the game, essentially the same except with a different scoring system, valuing the different hands, and maybe more preferable returns on this Double Bonus version of the game.

Learning the Art of Double Bonus Poker

The game of poker that players will find in this Double Bonus Poker game is essentially 5 card draw. Here players play roulette Canada online, a standard French deck and they begin with 5 cards. There is one discard phase, where players can toss any number of cards in their hand once, and then receive those many new cards. Before the cards are dealt however, players must place their bets. This aspect of the game of video poker is very similar to slot games, as players get to choose from available options the bet size and overall stake placed on each round.


Once the cards have been dealt, the player must now choose which hand they’re willing to go for before the discard phase. This is where a working knowledge of the card game poker comes in hand, with at least enough to gauge a few basic probabilities when calculating odds of achieving a particular hand versus the winnings ultimately made from it should it be successful. The hands in this game follow the usual order for poker hands, except that a particular system has been employed to further break down wins for a 4 of a kind, as such the players who manage to achieve a couple of these hands will be quite pleased with their accomplishments, and their winnings.

Inherent Bonuses to Online Video Poker

At the end of the day Double Bonus Poker makes for quite a refreshing change, from the traditional card game as well as other forms of video poker. So whether players are choosing this particular game for their unique hand rankings and reward systems, for the strategies able to be put into action and manifest in some wins returning or even because the game runs smoothly on a mobile device or other, Double Bonus Poker is quite an example for the industry involved.