Find Out What Are the Perks Of Live Betting

Most sports fans who enjoy online wagers are familiar with simple futures betting: taking a punt on the results of a game or a tournament in advance, and then more or less forgetting it until the event is over, when you might be pleasantly surprised by a win. This is a somewhat pedestrian way to place sports bets.

Online betting sites are now no further away than your mobile device; in fact, if you download a selection of free sports betting apps, you can shop around for the best odds before you even consider a bet. Mobile betting sites are also an amazingly convenient way to try live betting, which gets you much more involved in the action than simple futures wagers.

Explaining The Term

Live betting is also called in-play wagering in the Sports Illustrated glossary. Or it can be called micro-betting, referring to repeated bets placed on separate small events throughout the game. Instead of predicting which team will win, trying to cover the point spread or deciding whether the total will be over or under a named number, live betting punters are wagering on what the next significant event in the game will be.

If a bowler in cricket has taken two wickets in successive balls, is a hat-trick on the cards as the third batter comes to the crease? Will the football team in possession manage to hang on to that possession for the next two downs? Will this famously bad-tempered tennis player break a racquet, now that three dodgy calls have gone against her? Will this rugby fly-half slot one of his famous drop-goals before half-time?

Interactive Sports Betting

As can be seen in the examples above, live betting allows for an interesting blend of props and novelty bets as play progresses. One perk of live betting is the way it makes the process more interactive, of necessity. Instead of placing a simple wager on a distant event and forgetting it, punters are forced to pay more attention to ongoing sporting events, so they can assess the best option for the next live bet.

If you access several live betting sites on your mobile device at once, you can compare the odds offered by different bookmakers on different contests. News of an injured player, for example, will affect odds in real time. Live betting, by forcing you to pay more real-time attention to the sport, may allow you to catch certain news before some betting sites do. Do your homework, and live betting allows you to play on knowledge like this for better returns.

Live eSports Betting Available

eSports, or organised team-based computer gaming, already had a large and growing global fanbase before 2020. In an era trying to physically distance people, the fact that eSports teams and their tournament crowds can all assemble, play and bet safely in cyberspace is a huge drawcard.

With eSports involving just as many in-game event possibilities as the live-action varieties, live betting on eSports is becoming as feasible as any other form of live betting.