Guide on How To Bet On The AFL

The Australian Football League also known as the AFL is a fantastic game which exists only in Australia. The rules differ so much from American or European football that they can all be considered completely different games to be respected in their own rights. While Australian football is by no means one of the biggest sports available to bet on, what it lacks in global size it makes up for in concentration in Australia itself.

Types Of Bets

When considering how to bet on a sport, it is vital to know and understand the bets that are made available to you. These are the most common bets available in betting, some sportsbooks may have different bets available. As a new player it is important to focus on the basics and use the bets you know.

  • Head-to-Head – a simple bet in which you will place a wager on the expected winner of the game. The initial layout of the bet is simple, but it is worth noting that odds will play a large factor here. Learn the types of odds your sportsbook supplies to understand exactly what you are betting on. Remember, it isn’t just about winning your bets, it’s about finding good value in your bets as well.
  • Line Betting – Similar to that of head-to-head but instead of an odds difference, you are given a points difference. The straight winner of a game may not be the winning team in a bet. You will commonly be presented with a number like -15.5 for the favorite team, this means that the favorite team would need to win by at least 16 points to secure a win for your bet. The same stands in opposite, if the favorites win by 15 points, the underdogs will be the winning bet. Be sure to understand the point difference well before making bets.
  • Margin – very similar to line betting, in margin betting you will be betting on a favorite team to win by a certain predetermined number of points. For example, with a 1-39 margin, you are betting that the winning margin will be smaller than 39. If the winning margin is over 39, you will not win the bet.
  • Over/Under – in this betting you will not be placing a bet on a particular team, more the number of points scored in the match. Over/Under will usually be presented as a certain number of points, you will then bet if you believe the total score for both teams will be over or under this number respectively. This can be a great bet if you feel the competition is a bit too close to call a clear victor.


With all the above bets, keep in mind that game knowledge and research will be key to winning. Play well within your budget and don’t be forced to make bets you don’t feel confident in. Betting is an opportunity to make money, bet smart and don’t forget to have fun.