Horse Racing Betting Insights

Horse racing has, since the dawn of betting, been one of the well-known betting opportunities available. The rise of online betting has created an environment where anybody can glance at the horse names and make a bet while hoping for a win, bettors who intend on making a real and consistent profit need to do more than just choose a horse on a whim. In the below we will be looking into some insights in horse racing betting. What you should be looking for and how you interpret information will be instrumental to your betting success.


The best possible advantage you could give yourself in horse racing is your own research. Many tipsters, websites and other bettors will promise to give you results, but even if the results are good for the moment, they are usually fleeting at best. Your best ally in horse racing will be your own knowledge and your ability to gather information. Below is some of the key information you should be looking at in horse racing

  • History – Know the history of an event from previous years. Fortunately, horses tend to stay somewhat consistent through age, hitting a peak at four to five years of age and only showing steep decline four to five years after the peak. While there are many exceptions to this, horse performances are usually relatively consistent. Consistency will make historic events a fantastic information resource for you.
  • Horses – Tied into history but aiming a bit closer to our current event. Try to get to know how the horses have been doing recently. Not only should you know how a horse did in your planned betting event the previous year but also how they have been doing in weeks running up to your bet.
  • NewsHorse racing is well reported on, while not all news provided may be relevant to you, the more information you can gather about the top few horses in a race, the better. Regular horse racing new sites have come a long way in recent years, providing information in a remarkably short amount of time. Get to know a few news outlets that you feel you can trust and frequent them regularly.


As in any form of betting, finding value will be another key factor in making your bets a success. There is little use to having great research on bets if you do not have the value proposition to back it up. Value can present itself in a few ways. The two most important as below:

  • Odds – Finding the right odds for your bets can make the difference between being profitable and not. It is a common practice to have several sportsbooks to go through and find the best odds when you want to make a bet. Be sure to find the best available odds for yourself
  • Probability – Knowing how to work out the implied probability from odds will make determining the right odds for you much easier. Knowing when to take a bet and when it isn’t worth it will be guided by probability.