Lay the Favorite, a Comedy with Some Great Actors

Lay the Favorite, Promoted as Lay the Favourite in the United Kingdom, is an American comedy made in 2012, and directed by Stephen Frears. The actors involved in Lay the Favorite are Bruce Willis, Rebecca Hall and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Story of the Movie

The story of Lay the Favorite, involves Beth who is a young woman living in Florida and doing lap dancing and strip teases to make ends meet. She becomes bored with that life, and her father tells her to follow her dream and leave Florida for Las Vegas. She wants to find honest work as a cocktail waitress.

In Lay the Favorite, Beth stays at a motel in Las Vegas, and while there she comes across Holly, who arranges for her to get an introduction to Dink Heimowitz, a professional gambler who follows all the odds on sporting events and employs assistants at Dink Inc. to lay big money bets for him. It turns out that Beth has a good head for numbers, and easily grasps Dink’s system. She proves to be something of a gambling prodigy, and becomes Dink’s protégé. Jeremy, a young journalist takes a fancy to Beth, but she is becoming addicted to all the excitement of the gambling, as well the income that it provides, and she is uninterested in any form of normal life.

Beth begins to take a more personal interest in Dink, even though he is married to a woman, Tulip, who seems to do nothing but spend his money. Tulip lets him know that that he has to choose between her and Beth. He does, and promptly goes on a losing streak. Beth then accepts a similar job with a rival gambler, a man called Rosie, who runs an illegal operation in Curacao. She succeeds at first, but Rosie and the job both turn out to be extremely dangerous. Beth gets involved with a bookmaker in Curacao trying to keep a friend out of prison, and everything becomes fairly complicated, with help coming from an unlikely source.

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Lay the Favorite, or Favourite, was certainly not one of the critics’ favourites. For anyone, however, who didn’t mind a bit of lightweight entertainment, it was good fun and highly entertaining to experience.