Casper's Mystery Mirror Online Slot

Play Casper’s Mystery Mirror Online Slot with an Extensive Casino Guide

Caspers Mystery Mirror slot by Blueprint Gaming has five reels and forty paylines. This slot is based off of Capser the Friendly Ghost which is a fictional character that was created in the 1930s. The first incarnation of this character was supposed to be as a story book protagonist but that never ended up being the case. It was in 1945 that Casper went from paper to animation with the release of Paramount’s “The Friendly Ghost.”

Originally, Casper had a New York accent and lived in a haunted house with other ghosts who were all adults. These adult ghosts loved scaring people but Casper decided that he would rather be friendly to the living instead of terrifying. With this decision, he decides to pack up his bags and leave the haunted house to go out and make friends.

Casper made an appearance in two additional cartoons called A Haunting We Will Go and There’s Good Boos To-Night. After this, a full time cartoon series started in 1950 which is the much loved Casper the Friendly Ghost and it ran until the late 1950s. As many players will know, there were also several recent Casper movies made.

The art style in Caspers Mystery Mirror slot is a comic book cartoon style that closely mimics the likeness of the characters in the early cartoons. It is a spooky theme with colours reflecting this, but this slot is still a very light-hearted take on the genre.

Behind the reels, the player can see a spooky evening scene with dead trees reaching into a blue night sky filled with stars. Casper’s haunted house can be seen with eerie yellow lights shining from the windows. A pale yellow moon hangs just above the house and there is a thick fog that is enveloping the ground as well.

To the left and right of the reels the player can see the forty paylines marked out with various coloured squares. All of the reels are surrounded in a purple border. Above the reels is the name of the slot, Caspers Mystery Mirror written on a green background.

Below the reels, the player can see and adjust their bet as well as lines played. They can also see their total bet, winnings, paytable and select the spin button.

Caspers Mystery Mirror Slot Symbols

The symbols in this slot include the classic nine, ten, jack, queen, king and ace along with other symbols from the world of Casper.

These symbols include Casper, who serves as the wild, a ghost in a book, a ghost in a painting, a ghost in front of a gravestone, a candlestick with three candles, and Casper holding a mirror that says bonus.

Casper's Mystery Mirror Internet Slot Symbols

Caspers Mystery Mirror Bonus Features

The mystery mirror round is activated when the player gets three of more of the symbols that feature Casper holding his mystery mirror. When this happens, the player will get five free spins.

When the mystery mirror symbol appears during these spins, a symbol is randomly chosen and then appears in all of the mystery mirrors on the reels. This can lead to big wins for the player, provided you’re not playing a no deposit casino version of the slot like players of No Deposit Bingo online.