Sinbad Slot Game From Quickspin Developers

Sinbad slot is a video slots game from Quickspin online casino game developers, featuring five reels and 40 paylines for players to work their way to the jackpot with. A maximum coin bet of 40 is possible, and these range in value from 0.4 to 100, with the top prize being 500 coins. There are three bonus rounds available, as well as between seven and 12 free spins, and a multiplier.

The bonus features give the players a choice between activating locked wilds; wild transformations along with extra free spins; and a snake feature, wherein the reptile will slither between the symbols on the reels leaving wilds in its wake.

Theme for Sinbad Slot Game

Sinbad slot is set in the mysterious East, and takes for its theme the story of the famous sailor from the fairy tales. His adventures become the players’, and the reels are transformed to tell the story of his most incredible exploits. The free spins feature is the main highlight for the game, and this is activated when the player lands three or more of the scatter symbols, an icon of a ship, anywhere on the reels. Once it has been triggered, players will be asked to make a choice between the different options Spin Casino NZ options available.

Bonus Features for Sinbad Slot

The first choice for Sinbad slot’s bonus options is the ape free spins feature, and players selecting this one will be rewarded with seven free spins. Should the monkey for which the feature is name appear at any point during this portion of play he will leave at least one, maybe more, wild icons on the reels, which will remain in place for the duration of the feature.

The second option is the roc free spins Sinbad slot bonus feature, whereby players will be given ten free spins. The extra element added here is that whenever the player manages to land a diamond on his or her reels, the roc, the legendary bird of prey appearing in so many myths from days of yore, will award the player ten free spins. The extra here is that when a diamond lands anywhere on the reels, the roc will fly across and carry it to the right of the reels. The more diamonds players collect the more reels they are able to transform into wilds, and more spins are on offer as a result as well.

The snake free spins Sinbad slot feature gives players 12 free games. When the reptile lands on the first and fifth reels, it will slither along the reels between the two, and leave a trail of wild icons as it passes through.

The graphics are very expertly fashioned for Sinbad slot, with the characters from the Thousand and One Night adventures drawn with a great deal of attention paid to the details. The background is a view of a city in the Middle East, recognisable thanks to the minarets it is populated with. The soundtrack ties into the theme, and serves to add to the immersive quality the game is able to deliver.