What you need to know before gambling in Thailand

When it comes to gambling, every country has its own rules and regulations about where gambling is legal and if online gambling falls into the same category. While many countries operate a number of live casinos, online gambling is still considered illegal with serious fines issued to operators who operate in the area. For people who live in countries where both land based and online gambling is legal, it can be confusing when traveling abroad. As with all laws, the regulations that apply to one country can differ significantly from another. Casino enthusiasts traveling to Thailand reputably ask about the legality of gambling in Thailand.

Is Gambling Illegal in Thailand?

Thailand is a country that is famous for its beautiful beaches and exotic culture. It is a popular holiday destination for Europeans, Americans and Australian tourists. Visitors to the country should be well informed about the laws of the country before getting on a plane. This is particularly true for gambling in Thailand. As with many South East Asian Countries, gambling is strictly prohibited in Thailand. This means that the country does not contain any land based casinos. Any gambling that takes place in Thailand is strictly illegal and can result in criminal charges.

Lottery and Horse Racing

When it comes to gambling in Thailand, the laws states that gambling is strictly prohibited with the exception of crown oaks day betting and the state lottery. If you are visiting the country and you have a hankering to place a bet, your only option would be to seek out the nearest race track and place a live bet at the track. For residents of Thailand, the state lottery acts as the only form of real gambling for many people. This however does not stop the prolific amount of illegal gambling that goes on behind closed door.

Illegal Gambling Operations

Like many countries that have issued a ban on gambling. Illegal gambling in Thailand is a major problem for the country. Without proper enforcements and gambling regulations, many illegal bookmakers refuse to pay out large winnings to the rightful winners. With no legal recourse, bettors have no option but to accept their fate. In the same vain, the laws of the country state that gambling debts cannot be enforced by any means. As a result, many Thai nationals have turned to international online gambling sites as a way to escape the laws of the country.

Online Gambling in Thailand

In Thailand, online gambling falls into the same category as land based casino gambling. This means in effect that all online gambling in Thailand is illegal. Enforcement of this law is another story all together. It is almost impossible for Thai officials to enforce a ban on internet gambling especially at legally owned and internationally operated online casinos. In an effort to curb the proliferation of online gambling in the country, the government has set a mandate to monitor internet traffic and block access to all online gambling websites from a registered Thai IP address. It is still possible that in the future that legal licences will be issued for Thai online casinos.