The Flash Online Slots Machine in Review

The Flash slot machine game, by Cryptologic, is a unique online casino game. It uses a five reel, fifty line betting system, requiring lines to be unlocked by the player making bigger upfront bets. Special icons are based around the popular Flash comic book character, including the Flash himself and a number of villains, with professional animations triggering when matches occur. As with all slot machine games, the player must spin the reels, and hope that matches form when the reels stop turning. The higher value the match created, the bigger the payout.

Special bonus matches may also occur, triggering a bonus sequence that can result in major payouts. This game is specifically designed to be played via both mobile phone and desktop computer. If you would like to play via mobile phone, simply search for the game in the applicable application store, Google Play Store or Apple iStore, and install it. Once, installed, simply tap the icon to start playing.

Enter the World of The Flash

Sticking with the theme, all the icons used in The Flash slot machine game are based around characters and popular Flash iconography. These include Flash himself, a bolt of lightening, and various popular Flash villains. When matching, a solid line will run through the matching sequence, indicating what kind of payout will be made.

Furthermore, many of the icons will animate for added entertainment value. Not that the traditional playing card symbols, one to ten, plus jack, queen, king, are played beside the picture icons. For a more detailed explanation of how winning sequences payout, please click the playtable button located at the bottom of the screen.

The User Interface

All important information can be seen at the bottom of the screen. The current total balance is displayed, plus the current total bet. You may raise or lower the bet via the arrows. Also displayed is the current number of lines bet on, which may also be raised or lowered via the arrow buttons. Note that betting on more lines per spin will raise the chances of winning, but will also raise the bet played per spin. There is also an autoplay feature, which will allow multiple consecutive spins with any input from the player. The autospin sequence will stop if a big win is achieved.

Bonuses and Special Payouts

In The Flash slot machine game, the icon of Flash is the wild card. He may match with any other icon to form a winning sequence, allowing for payouts where none were possible previously. More then one Flash may also be matched per sequence. For example, you may get two aces and two Flash icons, which will result in a winning payout of four aces.

There is also a scatter icon, the Flash symbol, which can be matched with itself up to five times. When matching the Flash icon, an animated bolt of lightening will trigger, and free spins will be granted. During these free spins all winning matches will payout extra. Even more scatter matches may occur during the free spin sequence, granting even bigger winning payouts.